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HIG Capital completes acquisition of Taconic Biosciences

Monday, Feb 11, 2019

HIG Capital ("HIG"), a leading global equity investment company with $ 30 billion in managed equity *, announces, in conjunction with the management team, the future growth of Taconic Biosciences, Inc. ("Taconic "Or the" Company "), the leading global provider of research models and services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as well as clinical (CRO) and academic research.

Headquartered in Rensselaer, NY, with offices in Germantown, NY, Indiana, Germany and Denmark, Taconic is a leading global provider of genetically engineered models and service solutions for mission-critical life science research. With its strong market position and long-standing relationships, Taconic is well positioned to benefit from significant growth in the healthcare market, particularly in genetically modified models. Researchers are using Taconic models and services in many emerging fields of research, including oncology, immunology and neuroscience, as well as other established and emerging therapeutic areas.

"Taconic's scientific expertise, customer-focused mentality, outstanding quality and service standards, and a comprehensive range of services create sophisticated, end-to-end solutions that add unique value to the growing life science market," said John Von Bargen, HIG Managing Director very pleased to support Taconic's great leadership team in expanding its geographic footprint, partner network and product and service offerings. "

The former CEO Robert Rosenthal has been appointed Chairman of Taconic's Board of Directors, and will also serve as Innovation Director in the future of the company's strategic direction. Alex Zisson, Managing Director of HIG BioHealth Partners, the life science division of HIG, also became a member of the Board of Directors. Alex has been involved in healthcare investments for over two decades. His experience covers the areas of biotechnology, specialty pharmaceuticals, drug delivery and diagnostics.

"Taconic Biosciences is at a very exciting point in its growth path. We are confident that by partnering with HIG, we will continue to expand our world-leading problem-solving offerings to our customers and provide the additional resources needed to execute our strategic plan. " Robert Rosenthal. Nancy Sandy, new CEO of Taconic, added, "HIG's investment and extensive resources, especially in M ??& A, will help us accelerate our continued expansion and meet additional customer needs faster."

About Taconic Biosciences

Taconic Biosciences is a fully licensed, world leader in genetically engineered models and services. Founded in 1952, Taconic provides the best murine solutions to help clients acquire, customize, generate, grow, breed, prepare, test and distribute valuable research models worldwide. Specializing in genetically modified and precision research models, as well as integrated model designs and management, Taconic operates three service labs and six breeding facilities in the US and Europe, has sales relationships in Asia and has global delivery capabilities to provide models around the world put.

About HIG Capital

HIG is a leading global investment company with $ 30 billion in managed equity *. The company is headquartered in Miami, with offices in New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Atlanta, as well as London, Hamburg, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Bogota, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. HIG specializes in equity and debt capital investments in small and medium-sized companies and pursues a flexible investment approach aimed at operational improvements and added value:

1. HIG Equity Funds invest in management buyouts, recapitalisations and corporate carve-outs of profitable and transitional manufacturing and service companies.

2. HIG debt funds invest in senior and junior debt financing for companies of various size categories in both the primary and secondary markets. HIG WhiteHorse is a senior manager of Collateralized Debt Obligations (CLOs) and has a listed Business Development Company (WhiteHorse Finance).

3. HIG real estate funds invest in value-added real estate that can benefit from improved investment management.

Since its founding in 1993, HIG has invested in more than 300 companies worldwide. The HIG Group's current portfolio includes more than 100 companies with a combined revenue of more than $ 30 billion. For more information, visit the HIG website at .

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John Von Bargen
Managing Director



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