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Lonza Expands Support for Researchers with New Endothelial Cell Application Center

Wednesday, Aug 16, 2017

Today Lonza announced an endothelial cell application center, which expands Lonza’s support for researchers. This new online suite provides scientists with educational materials and product information to assist with vital endothelial cell research. As endothelial cells regulate many homeostatic processes within the body, their dysfunction has important implications for diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Increasing our understanding of endothelial cells could help researchers to develop more effective drugs to treat these diseases.

Lonza’s easy-to-navigate endothelial cell application center is categorized by research area and can be accessed online anytime and anywhere, making it a handy tool for scientists to use on-demand. The center provides a comprehensive portal of support resources, including technical whitepapers, research publications and product information for applications ranging from inflammation and angiogenesis to cardiovascular disease.

As endothelial cells are particularly hard to co-culture, Lonza’s support center contains materials that provide direction and address questions on setting up more challenging in vitro cultures, such as for blood-brain barrier modeling and tissue engineering. In addition to the resources available in the application center, Lonza also provides custom one-to-one support to further assist scientists with their endothelial cell research.

Lubna Hussain, Senior Global Product Manager for Primary Cells, Lonza, said: “Lonza is committed to supporting the work of scientists and with endothelial cells playing a crucial role in the pathology and treatment of many diseases, we felt it was important to create a centralized portal of materials to assist this research. Resources in our new application center can be viewed online from anywhere and are free to download.”

Lonza offers an extensive range of authenticated, ready-to-use human primary endothelial cells. The portfolio contains more than 30 varieties of human primary endothelial cells from tissue sources ranging from heart, lung, and skin, to the reproductive organs, and includes cells from type I and type II diabetic donors.

To access the endothelial cell application center, please visit Special terms of use may apply.

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