We are the first one in India to develop a new Sugar for Pharmaceutical applications i.e. MB Compressible Sugar (SUGAR DC) who's description is as follows.

Particle size
3% retained on # 40 ( 425 u) Maximum 75% retained on # 100 ( 150 u) Maximum 5% retained on # 200 ( 75 u) Maximum.

10% oversize 10% undersize.

Compressible Sugar is a sweet tasting, white crystalline powder.


  1. Free flow, non-hygroscopic, non-reactive with most of fine chemicals, possessing rapid solubility, having lubricating quality, facilitating desired hardness, shelf life.
  2. Compressible sugar is used primarily in preparation of direct - compression chewable tablets.

We have two types of Compressible sugar as under.

  1. Crystallising Sucrose with Maltodextrine.
  2. Crystallising Sucrose with Maltodextrine & Mg - Stearate.
  3. Crystallising Sucrose with Invert Sugar & Mg - Stearate.

50 Kg HDPE bags or 50 Kg corrugated drums with food grade polyliner inside.

Pharmacopoeial Quality
MB screened Compressible sugar confirms standard set in BP, USP - NF.

Shelf Life
It has 2 year shelf life from the date of production. Recommended to store in cool & Dry Place.