Priorclave Features Top Loading Autoclaves at Arab Health

Priorclave, a leading UK laboratory autoclave specialist is exhibiting a number of steam sterilisers at the Arab Health exhibition later this month, showing all that is good about British engineering, design and manufacture - robust quality construction, superb operating performance and the utmost in product reliability.

Latest Autoclave Provides Sterile Transit Path

The QCS 150 Pass-Through autoclave is the latest and smallest double-door autoclave to be introduced by Priorclave and is purpose designed to enable laboratories maintain a secure sterile path for media and waste as it passes in and out of a sealed laboratory.

Bigger Capacity Benchtop Autoclave Meets Customer Wish List

The Priorclave H60 compact autoclave, designed specifically to meet a customer requirement for a steam steriliser with all the proven strengths and features of the current Priorclave Compact range but with a 50% increase in chamber capacity, is now part of the Companies standard range of benchtop autoclaves.

Priorclave RCS Autoclaves Can Improve Lab Efficiency

The RSC 350 laboratory autoclave from specialist autoclave manufacturer Priorclave is proving to be the ideal choice for those laboratories in the food and drink, dairy, pharmaceutical, agriculture, education, healthcare and research sectors looking to achieve high-throughput sterilising procedures or have a requirement to process large bulky items.

Small Vacuum Autoclave Perfect for Sterilising Difficult items

To satisfy the requirements of laboratories wishing to carry out low-volume sterilisation of items such as bagged mixed plastic waste, tubing and narrow bore glass ware Priorclavehas introduced the versatile MVA C40 benchtopvacuum autoclave

Glimpse an Insight into Britain’s Best Innovative Autoclave Manufacturers

Glimpse an Insight into Britain’s Best Innovative Autoclave Manufacturers

This week an insight into the design strengths and manufacturing skills of British laboratory autoclave producer Priorclave are revealed in a new Corporate Video. The short video clip takes the viewer on a journey that every autoclave builttakes at the company’s manufacturing centre in South East London, from the design studio, through component production to final assembly, test and make-ready for delivery.The new Corporate Video also gives a brief look into the superb customer support programme from a dedicated service team that extends around the world.

Priorclave Launches Autoclave Consumable Range

This month (May 2014) laboratory autoclave manufacturer Priorclave announces the availability of a very much extended range of autoclave consumables. 

Cylindrical AutoclavesImprove Lab Performance

The QCS front loading autoclave range introduced by Priorclave should help any laboratory increase its sterilising throughput owing to the combination of improved load capacity and exceptional operating performance. 

Priorclave Launches New Autoclave Web Site

This month (March 2014) Priorclave’s new web site went live and reflects the company’s up-front policy of providing would-be autoclave purchasers with facts and figures that will steer them easily to identify the best possible steam steriliser for their application.

Priorclave Launches Largest Round Chamber Autoclave

For laboratories wishing to acquire a high capacity, front loading cylindrical chamber autoclave with an exception pack density at a more affordable price the ideal solution is anew 500 litre steam steriliser being launched by Priorclave.

Priorclave Puts Affordability into Autoclave for Start-up Laboratories

The feature packed C40 benchtop autoclave available from Priorclave at an affordable price and supported by a superb extended warranty giveslong-term peace of mind of assured performance and reliability. ItmakesthecompactC40 autoclave the ideal choice for start-up

PowerDoor Autoclaves for Small Laboratories with Big Requirements

Where laboratory space is at a premium and there is a need to sterilise tall, extra bulk items the RSV range of POWERDOOR autoclaves may prove the perfect answer since the chamber door moves vertically within the autoclave frame, eliminating need to allow space

Large Chamber Lab Autoclavesfor Bulky Items

The Priorclave RSC range of autoclaves with their taller, large rectangular steam sterilising chambershas become a popular choice for laboratories undertaking high-volume throughput or are frequently tasked with handling taller and bulkier items.

Proven Autoclave Design a Long Runner

Top-loading laboratory autoclaves are the longest serving stalwarts of the Priorclave steam steriliser range, a 100 litre model being the first produced and to leave the company’s factory in 1988 when it started trading,and through dedicated service and support many of these

Expert Autoclave Buying Guide from Priorclave at Arab Health

Throughout the Arab Health / Medlab 2013 exhibition British experts from leading autoclave manufacturer Priorclave will be on stand RD49 in the Sheikh Rashid Hall to provide advice on what to look for when buying steam sterilisers

Priorclave simplifies loading of Vertical Autoclaves

For those struggling to load vertical chamber autoclaves with large and heavy items help is at hand by way of the new Loadlite hoist being introduced by British autoclave manufacturing specialist Priorclave. It is a quick and easy solutionfor lowering/raising standard wire

Pass-Through Autoclaves for Improved Containment

When Brunel University required a double-door/pass-through autoclave as part of a new CAT III containment laboratory suite it was sourced from laboratory autoclave manufacturer, Priorclave, a British company with many years experience in bespoke design and build of steam sterilisers.

Priorclave Launch Autoclave Performance Analyser

An advanced process review system – TACTROL ZERO – being rolled out across the entire range of autoclaves manufactured by Priorclave, adds further to the already excellent customer support provided by the company’s

Priorclave Win New Export Orders

For British autoclave manufacturer Priorclave export plays a key and increasingly active role to its overall business growth, currently enjoying major success throughout Asia and the Middle East. Recently it was awarded a United Arab Emirates contract to supply 27, compact C40 steam sterilisers from

New Sales Manager for UK Autoclave Manufacturer

This month Lee Oakley has been confirmed as the new Sales Manager for Priorclave, one of the UK’s top autoclave manufacturers. The appointment comes in recognition of strong and growing UK sales, enabling Priorclave to strengthen the company’s commitment to providing a direct increase in customer support throughout the UK and Ireland.

Book a Steamy Affair with a Priorclave

At the start of its new financial year, UK autoclave manufacturer, Priorclave, is launching its own Jubilee Promotion that will run for a four month period – April to July 2012. Throughout this period against all confirmed orders Priorclave will present a Kindle – the e-book reader

Priorclave Introduce Autoclave Application Selector at Arab Lab

It is not unexpected to find that senior managers from British autoclave manufacturer Priorclave will be making their way East next month to attend this year’s Arab Lab 2012 exhibition (26 – 29th March 2012 at the Dubai Conference and Exhibition Centre), which provides a strong showcase opportunity to buyers from the Middle East,

New Leg-Mounted Autoclaves for Designated Clean-rooms

Availability of stand-off legs for Priorclave’s range of bench-top autoclaves brings significant advantages to designated CAT 3 application areas providing much easier access beneath the priorclave for cleaning and disinfection of laboratory work surfaces to prevent spread of virus and eliminate potential cross contamination.

Autoclave Design Flexibility is Feature of Priorclave Stand at Medica11

At next week’s premier Medical and Laboratory Equipment exhibition (Medica) in Dusseldorf, UK autoclave manufacturer Priorclave is taking the opportunity to show three of its most popular steam sterilisers on stand 1E02 in hall 1.