Discovery Machine

Discovery is a Blister Packaging machine which is characterised by a full balcony design exhibiting flexibility, an easy-to-operate human machine interface system, fast and reliable feeding solutions as well as a deft output of up to 400 blisters per minute.


Product Features:



  • Compatible with major Rotary Machines Change Parts
  • Small Foot Print
  • Servo Driven Indexing
  • Larger Format Area
  • Improvised Pick & Place mechanism ensuring more cutting cycles
  • Rigid Timing belt drive ensuring clean & Low noise functioning
  • Minimal setting parameters ensuring quick start
  • Provision for downstream automation with good pack diverter
  • Safety Interlocks, Phase failure detection, Splicing table, Auto feeding stop arrangement
  • In-built Plug assist assembly for intricate forms and special materials
  • Versatile to major thermo formable materials like PVDC and Aclar
  • Dedicated embossing station ensures high quality batch code details with hot embossing facility
  • Full cGMP Compliance
  • Ability to accommodate major Rotary change parts


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