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Safe Sample Collection Booth

Safe Sample Collection Booth

Safe Sample Collection Booth

Weiber Safe Sample Collection Booth (ACM-SSCB-1313)

Safe Sample Collection Booth provides a safe, HEPA Filtered environment, for the dispensing of hazardous drug powders. Air is pulled away from user thru rear-wall pre-filters, trapping powders; recirculating air through ceiling mounted high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter rated 99.99% efficient at 0.3 microns. ) protects the operators from toxic chemicals / raw materials used for manufacturing of tablets, medicines, capsules etc from external contamination during the process of weighing or measuring. It is ideal where a high degree of flexibility is desired. Containment is achieved by air movement.

The testing method involves collection of samples from inside the booth. The suspected virus-infected individual, whose sample are being taken, has to walk up to the booth and stand in front of the glass exterior. Thereafter, s/he is directed to follow the instruction given through a public address system for collection of swab sample.


The healthcare worker inside the booth collect the sample and then follow the sanitization process before proceeding to take the next sample. The collection process, fully contactless, get over in five minutes.  

Special Features

HEPA Efficiency Graph

Technical Matrix


Booth Size

L-1000 X D-1000 X H-2000 mm

External Size

L-1150 X D-1300 X H-2700 mm

Material of Construction

Galvanized Iron Powder Coated


100%, Virus Free By Burnout System

Direction Of Flow


Air Flow

Laminar Flow 0.5 M/S (Top To Bottom)

Fresh Air Input

Through Uv Sterilization In Air Input Duct

Front Wall

Complete Glass Window With Glove Ports

Glove Port Height

4.8 Feet

Ground Level Adjuster

Inside & Outside Stair System

Particle Retention

0.3 Micron




90 FPM ± 20%


Fluorescent Tubes Diffusers

Magnehelic Gauge


Light Intensity

800 LUX

Motor / Blower Assembly

Direct Drive Continuous Duty ¼ HP With Sealed Bearings.


Aluminum Framed HEPA Filters With A Minimum Efficiency Of 99.99% At 0.3 Micron.

Power Supply

230v Single Phase, 50 Hz


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