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RigidWall cleanrooms

RigidWall cleanrooms

RigidWall cleanrooms

If youre looking for a versatile cleanroom option, then a RigidWall cleanroom might be the one for you. Featuring the durability of a HardWall cleanroom and the affordable prices of a SoftWall cleanroom, a RigidWall cleanroom is a great in-between option. Providing contamination security from Class 100 standards to Class 100,000 standards, RigidWall cleanrooms are secure, clean, and provide a comfortable working environment. The best part about a RigidWall cleanroom is that it is modular, so you can move it where you need. If you move into a new building, theres no need to buy or install another RigidWall cleanroom, you can just pick up and move your existing one. Additionally, RigidWall cleanrooms can be taken down and stored for those times when you need the space for something else.


Since our RigidWall cleanroom products are prefabricated at the factory, it will only take you about 2-3 days to install it. Once you get all of the parts from us, well send you a detailed list of instructions for you to follow, to make sure your RigidWall cleanroom is put together properly. If youre concerned about construction, or are too busy, you can always have our experienced team install your cleanroom for you properly and efficiently.


So, what are the benefits of a RigidWall cleanroom?


An added benefit to a RigidWall cleanroom is their clean, professional aesthetic. While some SoftWall cleanrooms can look messy, and some HardWall cleanrooms can be too utilitarian, RigidWall cleanrooms are constructed of crystal-clear, flat, modular panels. Theyll look great, and theyll also make it easier to monitor in-room activity, and more effectively showcase your work to executives, inspectors, and visitors.


A RigidWall cleanroom is designed for the company that doesnt want to compromise quality, but is looking for a more affordable option. Youll get the benefits of a RigidWall cleanroom, with flat, crystal-clear panels that are easy to clean and move, but at a price comparable to a SoftWall cleanroom. If youre looking for a high quality cleanroom that doesnt break the bank, a RigidWall cleanroom is the way to go.

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