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Chemical Processing

Chemical Processing

Chemical Processing

Ensure Production Uptime.

Anguil’s engineering expertise and flexible solutions guarantee compliance and optimized performance so your chemical plant can focus on production.


  • Process, Tank Vent & Fugitive Emissions
  • Amine Tail Gases
  • API Oil-Water Separator Discharge
  • Process Wastewater Treatment

Challenges Solved

  • Your process contains acids as well as halogenated and chlorinated compounds
  • Your emission streams can sometimes be inert, or lacking oxygen
  • Your wastewater discharge requirements have gotten more stringent
  • Reliable operation of your processes is a top priority

The Anguil Advantage

The Chemical Processing Industry (CPI) is a diverse sector of the world economy that supplies a variety of raw materials to related industries. Because of this, many chemical companies operate under demanding production schedules with challenging environmental requirements.

Anguil has supplied hundreds of pollution control systems at a wide variety of chemical processing applications including specialty chemical and petrochemical operations that process organic and inorganic raw materials.  Many of our air pollution abatement installations are applied on the most challenging applications controlling halogenated streams containing chlorinated, brominated, and fluorinated compounds often found at these facilities.

System Solutions

We custom engineer each solution, but Anguil finds the following technologies to be especially effective for chemical industry applications:

  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)
  • Direct-Fired Thermal Oxidizer (TO)
  • Catalytic Oxidizer (Catox)
  • Acid Gas Scrubber
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment

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