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Bench-Top Vial, Syringe & Cartridge Filling System

Bench-Top Vial, Syringe & Cartridge Filling System

Bench-Top Vial, Syringe & Cartridge Filling System


AST’s Container Filling System (CFS) is a bench-top, semi-automatic machine used for the filling of pre-filled syringes and cartridges, and the filling and stoppering of vials and bottles. The system is designed to meet the demanding requirements for small batch processing of sterile injectable products.

The Container Filling System was designed with cGMP in mind. Its compact, aseptic design provides complete compatibility with cleanrooms, bio-safety cabinets, laminar airflow hoods, and aseptic isolator environments.

The system’s versatility, features, and compact size make it ideally suited for labs and cGMP small batch filling applications.


Consistent & Accurate Container Filling

The Container Filling System is integrated with advanced system features to provide consistent and accurate product dispensing. The system is integrated with a peristaltic pump that provides accurate dispensing with minimal product shear. When integrated with a weight scale the system can fill the container to measure the dispensed material in real-time, and provide automatic adjustment to the pump. The system’s electronically controlled axis inserts the filling needle to the container and slowly lifts to minimize shear, foaming or product agitation. For applications where a peristaltic pump is not ideal, such as dispensing viscous materials, the system can be configured with a rotary piston pump.

Intuitive Operation

The Container Filling System provides the operator with complete control of the critical filling process. Using the HMI touchscreen the operator is able to create recipes that control parameters such as; dispense volume, filling needle depth into the container, fill needle retraction speed, pump speed, and many other variables. All the critical process variables can be monitored and recorded with the optional Electronic Batch Reporting (EBR) system for batch documentation, process analysis, technology transfer, and optimization.

Advanced System Features

  • ASTView high-resolution interface provides intelligent and intuitive control of the system for creating unique recipes and real-time process monitoring
  • Dispense system provides accurate and repeatable container filling with automatic volumetric monitoring and adjustment
  • Process flexibility allows the system to fill a wide array of containers with materials of various sensitivity and viscosity ranges
  • Electronic Batch Report (EBR) System records critical process information that can be used to create a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant batch report to simplify the technology transfer or regulatory filing processes
  • Compact design makes the system ideally suited for aseptic isolators, biological safety cabinets or laminar airflow hood


  • R&D, preclinical and process development
  • Clinical trial materials manufacturing
  • Gene & cell therapies
  • Small batch commercial drug products
  • Stability studies
  • Compounding pharmacies


  • Accurate and gentle product dispensing
  • Fill vials, syringes and cartridges with a single machine
  • Optional integrated weigh scale for real-time fill weight measurement
  • Can be configured with peristaltic or rotary piston pumps
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface for easy system operation
  • Inert gas purging during filling
  • Tool-less format change parts
  • Optional Electronic Batch Reporting (EBR) system
  • Compact system footprint allows placement within an isolator, bio-safety cabinet or laminar airflow hood

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