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Outlet Pump

Outlet Pump

Outlet Pump

The Outlet Pump by Beaker & Wrench™ turns what was once a variable into a control. It’s time to enhance your output while saving on production time! 

The Outlet Pump (also known as a Gear Pump or Discharge Pump), regulates output dosage from 0-7L/hr. This allows the operator to have control over things like residence time, flow rate, and overall time management. Attaching the Outlet Pump to your Wiped Film Evaporator or Falling Film means there is no longer a need to break deep vacuum to swap flasks. It also means you can distill as slow or as fast as needed.

The gears within the Outlet Pump create a suction and pull oil towards the outlet. Oil is transported through the external cavities of the gears’ and out the check valve. The stainless steel gearbox maintains temperature via a UL recognized high density heat pad. As a result, you will have a consistent distribution of oil. 

When ordering, provide the outlet size of your Wiped Film Evaporator or Short Path. If you do not know the outlet of your machine, simply insert the type of machine you will be attaching this Outlet Pump to in the “Note” section of your purchase. If you are still having trouble, use a set of calipers to measure the inner and outer diameter of the port. Include these numbers in the “Note” section of your purchase. 

Items included with purchase:

1 Year Warranty: Manufacturing defects only! Email:

11/2021: 2-3 Week Lead Time!

Spec sheet

Outlet Pump Specs





Type A with Ground

Maximum Pump Speed (rpm):







Operating; 8,200 ft max storage; 41,000 ft

Mounting Orientation:

Horizontal recommended

PID Specs:





NEMA 5-15 plug to operate


Compatible with any NEMA 5-15R heating accessory and K type thermocouple

UL Listing:


High Density Heat Pad:



120v, 45w


-24AWG K-Type

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