Bioquell QUBE

Bioquell QUBE is an exciting new development for pharmaceutical sterility testing. Using the latest manufacturing techniques and materials, the Bioquell QUBE offers a rapid sporicidal bio-decontamination process with a high-level validated 6-log reduction in bioburden. This in-built bio-decontamination system has been designed to complement a fully fitted and validated sterility test unit such as the market leading Millipore Steritest system.

Developed as a modular, barrier separation system, the Bioquell QUBE provides a physical separation of operators to the sterility test process. The closed barrier technology enables the user to apply the automated HPV biological decontamination. Within a single module, a rapid 20 minute bio-decontamination cycle allows fast and efficient transfers. An EU GMP Grade A / ISO 5 compliant environment is ensured by both uni-directional airflow and unique isolator technology

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