Bioquell Z-2

The Bioquell Z-2 is a complete solution for room/zone bio-decontamination that offers user-friendly operation with unique parametric cycle control and eliminates the necessity for gas cycle development studies at non-GMP facilities. While the Bioquell Z-2 system incorporates HPV generator, gas distribution and catalytic aeration in a single mobile system and is user-friendly with a touch screen controls and can bio-decontaminate areas up to 250m3.

The simple menu-driven user interface of Bioquell Z-2 makes easy to set cycle parameters and the graphical display shows the bio-decontamination cycle progress in real time and the communication port allows control via a building management system. The Bioquell dual circuit technology enables fast, efficient bio-decontamination cycles without the need for room pre-conditioning or dehumidification.

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