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Sealing process

Sealing process

Sealing process

Process efficiency for all kind of application

The application of highly viscous materials is mainly realised with automated concepts. Dürr offers complete solutions for such applications which include qualified specialists, process safe solutions, and our own high quality products. For every application, we deliver modular systems for body application in accordance with the customer’s specific requirements.

Seam Sealing

Welds and glued seams are sealed prior to painting. In this process, overlapping panels or joints are sealed with special PVC materials. These measures will prevent water from penetrating into the vehicle interior later on.

High quality. Low material consumption.

For this process fully automatic sealing with robots has finally established itself on the market in recent years. The ergonomically difficult working conditions of manual application will be eliminated, seam quality will improve and material consumption will decrease.

Hem flanges

Applying sealant to hem flanges

It is essential for door seams to have a perfect appearance. They need much finer and more clearly defined edges than wheel arches.

Applying sealant with doors closed

Hem flanges on doors, hoods, and tailgates can be sealed with EcoRS16 robots and high-precision Dürr application systems. The special nozzle system enables the doors and closures to remain closed while the seams are being sealed. The high quality of the application process meets the requirements for visible seams.

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