HVAC Systems

GMP offers highly specialized HVAC systems made of different sections. They find great use in many turnkey projects. The HVAC systems make use of double skin air handling units allowing air from 1000 cfm to 30000 cfm and total static air pressure up to 150mm. The HVAC systems consist of a framework of extruded aluminum profiles and 3 nylon glass-filled reinforced corner joints. The double layered skin sandwich panels are also fabricated from inside (with 0.63/0.8 mm G.I./A.L/S.S sheet steel) as a part of HVAC systems. From outside, the HVAC systems take in use 0.63/0.8 mm thick percolated galvanized sheet steel with guard film. The high rigidity feature is achieved by injecting the panels with polyurethane foam having a density of 40 kg/m and thickness of 25 mm and 50 mm which increases its usability in turnkey projects as well.

The pre filter section of HVAC system has access door panel with imported aluminum die cast powder, coated nylon handles and heavy duty hinges. The coil section of HVAC systems is designed to increase psychometric efficiency with minimal air and water pressure drops. Another vital part of HVAC systems, is the drain pan. It is fabricated from 1.6 mm (16g) aluminum and 1.25 mm (18g) stainless steel, with uniform slope, ensuring zero water retention. The fan and motor assembly of HVAC.

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