Guava Technologies Inc. has developed sophisticated yet easy to use systems for automated cell counting and flow cytometry. Flow cytometry with its variations in design and usability is a highly practical tool to scientists. Guava facilitates life science research by enabling sophisticated cellular analyses using automated cell counting and flow cytometry directly from a lab bench in a fast, easy and cost-effective way.

Guava's Automated Cell Counting And Flow Cytometry systems support the following life science areas:

    Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Discovery And Development Laboratories
    Academic and Government Life Science Research Laboratories
    Core Flow Cytometry Laboratories or Facilities
    HIV/AIDS - Clinical CD4 Monitoring Laboratories

The company provides Automated Cell Counting And Flow Cytometry in one system which caters to a broad range of focus area within life sciences. Guava provides alternatives to or complements an ever-increasing number of traditional scientific methods to upgrade life science research systems.

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