For CD4 monitoring, Guava Technologies Inc has adapted a patented technology to monitor CD4 T-cell numbers which determine the onset of treatment for HIV/AIDS and associated opportunistic infections.

Guava Technologies offer fully integrated CD4 monitoring solutions. CD4 Monitoring solutions like Guava EasyCD4 and Guava AutoCD4/CD4% systems and their associated turnkey software and reagents allow simplistic enumeration of this critical T cell subset. Critical data points such as absolute cell numbers and their percentages help monitor progression and treatment of HIV/AIDS through CD4 monitoring even in the remotest areas of the world.

In its endeavor to provide services in Automated Cell Counting, Flow Cytometry And CD4 Monitoring, Guava Technologies delivers systems that are sophisticated and cost effective. Even the turnkey assays offered in Automated Cell Counting, Flow Cytometry and CD4 monitoring are simple, fast and easy to use.

Guava has its patented microcapillary flow cell, which has no requirement of sheath fluid. When compared to traditional flow cytometers, Guava Technologies offer many a unique benefits to life science research. The company has a variety of systems and a wide portfolio of turnkey assays which find varied application within life science research.

Life science researchers are dependent upon Core, central or flow cytometry laboratories for sophisticated cellular analyses to support research efforts. Guava Technologies provides several instrument systems that fit well into a core flow cytometry laboratory.

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