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Tropical Blister Foil

Tropical Blister Foil

Tropical Blister Foil

Applications: Blister packs and flexible pouch for pharmaceuticals.


Tropical Blister laminate layer is the ideal improvement to conformist thermoformed blisters. It creates an resistant barrier to moisture, light, oxygen and other gases, as well as being a protective barrier enhancement to extend your product’s shelf life. The layer is added as a secondary base and hence it does to get in direct contact with the product.

Tropical blister foil is a combination of thermoformed plastic blisters and cold formed composite aluminum foil; blister packing can keep the blister dimension consistent, the area around the blister is slightly wider so that the cold-formed tropical blister composite film can be sealed with the thermoformed blister, such can offset the disadvantage of non-block light and poor water resistance in traditional aluminum plastic packaging, and tropical blister foil is gradually accepted by domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Tropical blister aluminum foil consists of nylon, aluminum and adhesive, and in fact, tropical blister foil is a sheet of material combined of above three raw materials through special equipment in a certain temperature and pressure, and tropical blister foil is designed to improve barrier properties in traditional aluminum-plastic packaging. Only add aluminum-plastic composite film cover on the PVC blister back, and then a tropical blister aluminum packaging can be formed

Tropical blister foils is used to pack medicine with high value, tropical blister foils consist of Alu foil, Nylon, and Alu foil, and tropical blister foils is used to cover PVC packing to protect medicine.

Advantages of Tropical Blister Aluminum Foil

High strength of mechanical property, good formability, and high strength heat sealing, such can be suitable for high-speed packaging machine. Tropical blister is a creative and improved approach for packaging of PVC blister, seal laminates against PVC blister to bring tropical blister. It has good barrier performance, and can protect against vapor, oxygen, UV rays, such is more economical than Cold formed foil and superior compared with sachet packaging though almost in the same cost. Meanwhile, your enterprise information and trademark can be shown in the flat laminates.

  • Highest resistance to blister cracking
  • Resistant barrier to temperature , moisture, light, oxygen and other gases
  • Puncture elasticity
  • Versatility, with a selection of stiffness, additional print surface and colors
  • Increases stiffness
  • Industries Served
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Tablets and capsules
  • Veterinary Solutions
  • Inhalants

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