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Micron Filtration is filtration of a liquid at very small impurity size. Micron Filtration at Hrushikesh is carried out using Cartridge filters, Bag filters and Disc filters. Cartridge micron filtration units operate best at contamination levels of less than 10 ppm. Cartridge filters use micron filtration in Drinking Water systems, Chemicals, Beverages etc. Bonded cartridge filters have a micron filtration range of 5 to 125 micron. Hollow metal fiber membrane cartridge filters are used in micron filtration under 0.5 micron and in Microbiology where micron filtration range is of 0.01 micron. Disc filters are used for micron filtration from 25 to 500 microns. Bag filters carry out micron filtration in bags having pores of size 1 to 200 micron. Bigger bag filters carry out micron filtration at rates of 100 m3/hr.


De-alkalization is removal of alkalinity from water by using de-alkalizers as boiler pre-treatment. High alkalinity causes high amounts of boiler blow off and de-alkalization reduces boiler blow down. The reduction of blow down by de-alkalization keeps water treatment chemicals in the boiler longer. De-alkalization is required as, carbonate and bicarbonate alkalinities get decomposed by heat into carbon dioxide combining with condensed steam to form carbonic acid causing equipment corrosion. De-alkalization is best applied to boilers operating below 700 psi (48 bar). De-alkalization in low-pressure boilers requires alkalinity to be above 50 ppm and make-up water exceeding 4,000 litres per day. Cooling system make-up also benefits from de-alkalization.


Reverse Osmosis is a membrane process that acts as a filter. In a reverse osmosis, water is passed over a membrane under pressure, a quantity of water passes through membrane as permeate, leaving behind solids and water (reject) at the membrane surface, achieving reverse osmosis. A reverse osmosis unit only passes some of the dissolved solids through the membranes. In reverse osmosis, the amount of purified water retrieved from feed water is called recovery. The recovery of a reverse osmosis system is preset during commissioning. Many natural waters are not ready to be treated by reverse osmosis. Pre-treatment is needed for these waters before reverse osmosis. Hrushikesh provides Reverses Osmosis systems from 250 litres/ hr to 200 m3/ hr. Hrushikesh has reverse osmosis systems which are provided with complete instrumentation for flow, conductivity, PH, TOC etc.

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