De-Mineralization Plant

In De-Mineralization, ion exchange is used to remove the dissolved salts' ions from water. In de-mineralization, contaminant ions are exchanged from water. De-mineralization occurs as water passes through ion exchange resin loaded with (H+) and (OH-) ions. Contaminant ions in water displace (H+) and (OH-) ions from resin, causing de-mineralization. De-mineralization requires regeneration of resin used. Hrushikesh uses two types of De-mineralization systems. Separate Bed DM (De-Mineralization) systems and Mixed Bed DM (De-Mineralization) systems. Hrushikesh provides De-Mineralization plants from 2 m3/ hr to 200 m3/ hr. Hrushikesh also has manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic de-mineralization plants.

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