CosmoDry® System

The evolution of the species

It is an innovative paddle vacuum dryer, the result of highly advanced research by Italvacuum and of a careful analysis of the production requirements of the most demanding.

Easiness of internal cleaning and inspection

Load flexibility, drying speed, easy unloading, and maximum quality of dried product. All fundamental values, but Italvacuum went even further. The great innovation of It is in the particular structure of the agitator: the inner parts can be dismantled in different parts, quickly and easily. Which means very easy internal cleaning, maintenance and inspection: a mix of qualities that ensure the machine is always kept in perfect working order and optimize the production processes, making CosmoDry® System also the perfect solution for multi product

Easy product uploading

  • Total absence of friction points on the product
  • Reduced gap between the agitator paddles and the wall of the drying chamber
  • Specific unloading programme.

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