Planex® System

A revolutionary drying philosophy

It consists in a multi-patented paddle vacuum dryer with an eccentric agitator featuring two independent movements, allowing it to simultaneously revolve around its own axis and to rotate tangentially to the drying chamber.

Outstanding results and maximum care for the product

Thanks to its small size, the eccentric agitator uses three times less energy than conventional dryers. And this means a threefold reduction in mechanical and thermal stresses on the batch being dried. As a result, even delicate and temperature-sensitive products are treated with

No localized friction

The agitator's ZeroFriction® planetary movement prevents the product from being rubbed against the drying chamber walls and thus heating up due to friction. In addition, the rotation of the paddles tangentially to the chamber walls, conveys the product into the small clearance between the agitator and the chamber surface, preventing lumps formation and guaranteeing an even more effective drying and a controlled final particle size distribution, which is impossible to achieve with conventional dryers.

Total product discharge

  • Total absence of friction points on the product
  • Minimum clearance between agitator paddles and fully machined drying chamber walls
  • Special automatic program.

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