Anti Static Aprons

Anti Static Furniture:

  • Anti Static Work Bench / Tables: Custom Made.
  • Antistatic Vinyl Chair: with Arms & Without Arms and foot rest
  • Antistatic Stool
  • Anti Static Cabinets: Custom Made
  • Trolleys: Stainless Steel made with conductive wheels.


  • Aprons, Bunny Suite, & Coverall (Washable)
  • Shoe Covers, Caps & Gloves (Washable)


  • Conductive Mat: Conductive rubber flooring black in color having a resistance value of 103 to 105 Ohms, can be easily laid on existing floors and are provided with grounding studs.
  • PVC Conductive Flooring: only Black Color
  • PVC Anti Static Flooring: Sizes Available: 2 mm x 1.5 Mtr x 20 Mtrs or 2 mm x 2 mtr x15 mtrs Color: Blue / Grey
  • PVC Tiles (Imported) Size: 2ft x 2 ft x 2 mm Homogenous (based in white color with black conductive particles.

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