Master Batches

ESD Safe Clean Room Products

  • Out Fit: Cover all, Apron, Smock
  • Foot Wear: Anti Static Shoes, Slippers, Clogs and anti Static Booties
  • Disposable Products: Face Mask, Bouffant Caps, Surgeon Caps, Wipes, Aprons (PE)
  • Gloves: Latex, Vinyl, PE Gloves, Nitrile Gloves
  • Tacky Mat: 30 layered disposable sticky mats are used to clean off dust particles from the footwear.
  • Floor Cleaning Solution: Antistatic solution, when applied would create a conductive path on the inaccessible surface discharging the static charges temporarily affecting for approximately 48 hours depending on the usage. This solution has got a detergent action also so that the surface gets clean apart from improving the antistatic properties.
  • Kinetic Polymers also make Clean rooms on turnkey basis.

Master Batches

Anti Static Master Batches: Antistatic master batch are used widely to reduce the Static Electricity problems. They are natural in color. Hence any color Antistatic material can be produced by just adding a suitable color master batch.

Conductive Master Batch: Conductive master batch and conductive compound are widely used eliminate the Static Electricity problems. These materials are black in color and the final product is always black in color. These products offer excellent U.V. stability for material used in outdoor applications; also they offer a permanent Antistatic / Conductive property

Other Products

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