Static Measuring Instruments

Static Electricity Measuring Instruments:

  • Static Charge Meter: To check Static charge in KV
  • Surface Resistivity Meter: To check the surface whether it is Conductive, Dissipative, Anti Static or Insulator.
  • Human Body Voltage Meter: To Check the Static Electricity generated in human body.
  • Combo Tester: To Check whether Wrist strap is properly working or not and also checks whether the footwear is anti static or not.
  • Touch Pads: Should be fixed at the entrance, person should touch it for few seconds to drain the static electricity from the body.
  • Truck Grounding Monitoring System (TMS): To check whether the truck is properly grounded.
  • Static Discharge Stand: This stand is designed to eliminate static electricity of human body, just stand on its plate and press the button on the instrument; it helps to drain the static electricity.

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