Bromhexine HCl

Bromhexine Hydrochloride: It is intended to support the body's mechanisms for clearing mucus from the respiratory tract.

It is secretolytic, increases the production of serous mucus in the respiratory tract and makes the phlegm thinner and less viscous. This contributes to a secretomotoric effect by helping the cilia transport the phlegm out of the lungs. For this reason it is often added to cough syrups.

Bromhexine is a synthetic derivative of the herbal active ingredient vaccine. It has been shown to increase the proportion of serous bronchial secretion, making it more easily expectorated. It is indicated as "secretolytic therapy in broncho-pulmonary diseases associated with abnormal mucus secretion and impaired mucus transport".

It is preferable to some cough medication as it does not include any sedatives, which can otherwise make those using the medication feel drowsy.

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