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Membrane protein tools


Microproteomics analysis provides ultimate proteomic sensitivity (lowfemtomolar range) and efficiency (down to some 100.000 cells). This platform comprises miniaturized biochemistry, optimized protocols and tools as well as new technologies (parallel micro affinity purification, PMAP) and highly sensitive mass spectrometry.It has beensuccessfully employed to study membrane proteins in systems previously notaccessible to functional proteomics, such as dorsal root ganglion cells, thecochlear Organ of Corti or hippocampal slices collected by laser-capturemicrodissection.

Proprietary protein target database and track record

Customers and partners may also benefit from Logopharm's large internal protein database. This includes more that 2000fully MS-analyzed affinity purifications of membrane proteins and theirinteractors, covering a major portion of the expected mammalian membrane proteome. Thus, it is a valuable resource for technical, biochemical as well as target-related information, such as marker peptides, solubility, abundance/variation, tissue specificity, interaction partners, physiological context and modifications.

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