Ultra Filtration System

Used for the removal of micro bacterial counts and Total Organic Carbon the technologically advanced Ultra Filtration Plant, is used as a pre- treatment to the exising reverse osmosis plants and Post treatment of RO – EDI or DM plant. The membrane used in post treatment is of KOCH, USA make.. This work on the principle of cross flow filtration and is designed to operate at around 90% recoveries. The Ultra Filtration Plant in pre-treatment is proposed to separate the fine physical particulates like suspended solids, turbidity, SDI or colloidal silica, which is harmful to the RO membrane. It’s applications are varied, like:

  • Generation of surface potable water
  • Pretreatment to existing Reverse Osmosis Plants for TVC and pseudomonas
  • Removal of colloidal silica from surface water
  • Removal of heavy metals (like iron remnants) for drinking water
  • Post treatment of DM plant for reduction of microbial count / TOC

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