Laboratory Instruments

Mercury supplies lab ovens, vaccum Oven, Hot plate, Furnace, Incubators, Heating metal, Water & oil baths, B.O.D. Incubators &, Bulk destiny apparatus and other electrical instruments made by Metalab. Autoclaves are from Equitrone and colony counters from Lapiz. Karl fisher apparatus and Melting point apparatus for laboratories are from Veego. Mechanical & magnetic stirrers, centrifuge etc are Remi make. Electronic balances are Denver, Shimadzu, Sartorious and Precisa made. Mercury supplies ph meters of WTW, Eutech and Control Dynamic. Polarimeter and Refractometer are Rajdhani, Advanced and Atago made. PH Meter, T.D.S & Conductivity meter, IR Thermometer, D.O Meter, Turbidity Meter, ION Meter & Online meters are Eutech, WTW made. Imported instruments include Brookfield’s Viscometer and Lovibond’s tintometer. Jayant made test sieves & test sieves shaker, Shimadzu & Sartorious made balances, Thermo Spectronic made Spectrophotometers are all supplied to various requirements in pharmaceutical and diagnostic laboratories.

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