Benzyl Septol

A powerful and safe antiseptic liquid that has been trusted by leading institutions for over twenty five years. (Bombay Hospital, Jaslok Hospital etc.) In addition to being one of the most economical antiseptic liquid in the market, 1) Benzyl Septol is more powerful than other leading products such as Dettol & Savlon, it has a RWC (Rideal Walker Coefficient) of 3 to 5 i.e. it is 5 times superior. 2) Benzyl Septol has a product spectrum of antimicrobial activity i.e. covers a wide range of pathogens. 3) It has a faster antimicrobial action; Benzyl Septol destroys most of the pathogens within 5 minutes. 4) Benzyl Septol has an unmatched cosmetic effect. It is very gentle on skin; it has no burning sensation or irritation even on prolonged use and has a pleasant odour.

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