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Hazardous chemistry- from process development to large scale production

Hazardous chemistry- from process development to large scale production

Hazardous chemistry- from process development to large scale production

Hazardous chemistry, involving the use of highly energetic reactions and/or hazardous reagents, is a key technology in the process development toolbox, with potential to improve process cycle time, purity & yield, reducing both operational costs and environmental impact. Its use is well established for the commercial synthesis of APIs & intermediates, and offered by specialist CDMOs such as Novasep, with a strong safety culture & benefitting from decades of expertise.

In some cases, the innovative use of hazardous chemistry can contribute to a significant reduction in the number of synthesis steps. The amount of impurities and by-product generated may also be limited leading to cost-effective syntheses affording the targeted compound in high yields.

A recognized expertise in hazardous chemistry

Novasep is a world leader in the production of hazardous compounds. We have a proven track-record in developing and manufacturing APIs using hazardous chemistry:

Over 35 years of experience in commercial manufacturing

  • Manufacture of APIs & cGMP intermediates using hazardous chemistry
  • More than 20 APIs produced every year

Outstanding quality assurance track record

  • Facilities inspected by the US FDA, National Health Authorities (EU) and PMDA (Japan) accredited: download our brochure about  to learn more! 

Depth of HSE culture & know-how

  • Deeply ingrained safety culture
  • Excellent HSE track record 
  • Methodology for risk analysis
  • On-site safety testing 
  • Authorisation for explosives manufacture on our 

Expertise in hazardous chemistry legislation

  • Hazard evaluation and knowledge of regulations
  • Reports accepted by authorities (REACH BAM, BZR)
  • Ability to offer regulatory support to our customers

Support for freight & logistics of dangerous goods 

  • Dangerous goods classifications
  • Expertise and support with transport

Strength of hazardous chemistry process development 

  • Process development expertise with a wide range of highly energetic reactions and compounds
  • Wide experience with process scale-up, validation & commercial production at a wide range of scales 

Flexible and collaborative approach

  • Experienced Project Managers
  • Reactive to changes in customer needs

Our specific know-how in hazardous chemistry 

We have specific expertise in handling:

  • Explosive compounds
  • Shock & friction sensitive chemicals such as 
  • Self-igniting gases and liquids
  • Thermally sensitive compounds
  • Toxic materials
  • Highly exothermic reactions

We are experienced in highly hazardous chemistry such as:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Our expertise also includes:

  • Alkyllithium handling
  • Hydroxylamine chemistry
  • Sodium metal handling
  • Lithium aluminium hydride (and other hydrides) handling
  • Highly exothermic reactions 
  • The handling of explosive compounds
  • The handling of highly toxic materials and thermally/mechanically unstable 

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