Pall provides cost-effective and innovative chromatographic purification platforms that support today’s demanding applications and productivity goals. Pall products are in operation in many downstream biopharmaceutical processes. They offer exciting new selectivities that address the process challenges of today, true scalability from laboratory to process scale, and unique platforms that enhance process economics. Explore how your process can benefit from:

  • Chromatography sorbents with unique selectivities for targeted applications
  • PRC 1 mL and 5 mL prepacked columns for fast selectivity screening
  • LRC columns for preparative and process optimization   
  • Mustang® ion exchange membrane devices in single- and multi-use formats
  • Resolute® columns for pilot- through production-scale processes 
  • PKP chromatography systems with the ability to transition from pilot-scale chromatographic processes to final process-scale without loss in separation performance
  • PK chromatography systems in both standardized and fully customizable, process scale designs

Other Products

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