Gas Purification & Control systems

The company’s product range includes Gas Purification & Control systems, Gas Purification & Control Panel for AAs, Cylinder Regulators / Rotameter, Gas Generators N2-AIR-H2, Gas Detectors, Nitrogen Tyre Generator, Gas Piping & Utility Project, Ultrasonic Bath-Sonicator, Probe Sonicator, Ultrasonic Bath With Chiller, IR-FTIR Accessories, Oil Free Vacuum Pump, Nitrogen Concentrator, HPLC Column Oven, HPLC Liquid Flow Meter, HPLC Columns-Biotech, Smart Saver Degasser-Debubblers, HPLC Column washing Pump, Digital Gas Flow Meter, Analytical Accessories, Chromatography Software, HPLC Consumables, GC Consumables, Vials-Caps-Septas Consumables, Vials-septa & caps, Ultrasonic Performance Meter Sonic-200, Analytical & Precision Balance, Laboratory & Analytical Eqipments,   HPLC Solvents, GC Headspace Grade Solvents 99.99% PPB level, Liquid Handling Products, HSS Solvent, NIST Traceable Standards, Silica, Silicone Tubing, NMR Solvents, Recirculating Water Chillers, ICP & ICP-MS Accessories, Air Compressors, Mini Centrifuge, UV-Vis. Spectrophotometer, Probe Sonicator (Imported), Ultrapure Water System Series SB

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