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New Pallets

New Pallets

New Pallets are ideal for:

Our sales professionals create and analyze your pallets using the leading pallet design software, Pallet Design System (PDS). Our expert examination process ensures that you are getting optimized performance for a reduced price. Our team understands how pallet dimensions affect handling cost, and we use this knowledge to save you time and money. Our knowledge and software ensure the following:

Pallets meet all necessary weight requirements

Custom design optimizes space for plant and delivery method

Cost reduction through intentional engineering


Most new 48 x 40 pallets are made to the GMA specification and can hold anywhere from 2000 – 3000lbs of evenly placed product. Some companies manufacture by hand, and some build on a machine, but there is not a significant difference in pallet quality between hand-built and machine-built pallets. Now keep in mind that although the process to build new pallets is fairly simple, not all pallet companies orient their business around new pallets. Some focus mostly on recycling, while others have streamlined their process and pricing for building new.

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