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AirLock Modular Cleanroom Enclosure

AirLock Modular Cleanroom Enclosure

AirLock Modular Cleanroom Enclosure

The Easy-to-Build,Latch-Together Modular Cleanroom

The AirLock Modular Cleanroom from Simplex Isolation Systems provides a reliable, proven space for controlled environments. The enclosure features modular wall panels that integrate a latch-together system for quick and easy assembly. This latch-together system provides a strong, positive connection at all attachment points on the enclosure, which helps to protect against airborne contaminants, ultraviolet rays, and temperature fluctuations. The frame can accept both rigid or softwall panels.

Because of the modular design, AirLock Cleanrooms are equally effective as permanent or temporary solutions in both small environments and in large industrial applications. The AirLock Cleanroom can be easily expanded or reconfigured to meet ever-changing demands.

Endless Applications & Configurations

AirLock’s latch-together framework design allows enclosures to be built or expanded without vertical or horizontal restrictions. From mini-environments to large, self-contained cleanrooms, AirLock adapts to virtually any configuration. The latch-together system enables fast and effortless expansion or reconfiguration.

You can choose fro standard floor plans, or contact Simplex for custom sizing and configurations.

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