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Unit-dose packaging capabilities

Unit-dose packaging capabilities

Unit-dose packaging capabilities

Stick-pack filling line.

Acquired in early 2021, Skyepharma’s stick-pack filling line is adding more capability and capacity to our packaging offer, in a market where the demand is still higher than the offer.

We can offer batch sizes from a few kilograms to several hundreds and the equipment is versatile in terms of material: powder, granules or pellets can be filled with PET / ALU / PE complex films up to 17 mm wide and up to 150 mm long.

Lightweight and convenient unit-dose solution.

The machine, manufactured by Aranow , meets our expectations in terms of safety and quality, allowing us to respond quickly to our customers needs around the world: USA, Europe, Brazil, etc.

Integration of our controlled release expertise into stick-packs

The stick pack technology is compatible with complex formulations and our expertise in controlled and modified release technologies. This means that in addition to the activity of unit dose packaging, Skyepharma can help you in the formulation and manufacture of your controlled release powder.

A convenient unit-dose administration

Our stick packaging solution is convenient for a accurate and easy administration of drugs in powder, pellets or granules presentations for the oral route. Stick packs provide an innovative alternative to sachets and are a portable solution that complements existing oral unit-dose range of products. This presentation helps improving the patients comfort and observance as they are easy to carry and easy to use.

This solution is therefore suitable for pharma companies who wish to either develop stick packs or replace sachets by stick packs.

Benefits of this unit-dose packaging presentation with regards to cost and logistics

The stick pack presentation optimizes the space occupied by the product, thus reducing transport and storage costs. This solution is also fully customizable and allows our customers to convey a good brand image through the design of their sticks.

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