Fan Filter units

Fan Filter units offer a wide range of configurations and optional features for Soft wall Clean room setup. Fan Filter Units maintain the integrity of a clean room. Hundreds and thousands can be used in conjunction with each other in the facility. The units can also be exchanged with lay-in lights or blank panels. For facilities with lower classification, upgrades can be obtained by simply adding additional FFU’s. Low power consumption motors can be used. With complete controllability of each and every FFU (via control and monitoring software) power usage can be very moderate. The negative plenum design draws recirculation and leakage air and avoids passage into the clean room. Fan Filter Units are fully salvageable as standalone units and they can be designed for any grid sizes, loads and requirements. Nicotra Gebhardt made Filter Fan Units are available. The Fan Filter units come with a sealed, separator less mini-pleat HEPA filter with anodized aluminum cell sides, minimum DOP efficiency of 99.99% @ 0.3 microns. Electrically it is connected in a Standard connection to terminal strip in external junction box.

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