Reverse flow dispensing booth

Reverse flow dispensing booth is designed to provide Class 100 working environment at rest with built in scavenging system to ensure Product, operator as well as surrounding environment Protection. The system comprises of - Filtrox make Imported Minipleat HEPA Filter with hot melt technology, which conforms to EU 13 Grade, with an efficiency rating better than 99.99% for 0.3 ? at supply position. Filtrox make prefilter which conforms to EU 4 Grade, with efficiency of 90% down to 10 micron These Filters are basically made from micro-Fiberglass media and are washable. Filtrox make Intermediate filter which conforms to EU 7 Grade, with efficiency of 95% down to 3 micron. These Filters are basically made from micro-Fibre-glass media and are washable. Motor Blower provided are statically and dynamically balanced, Blower has high performance, is noise abated, light weighted. SS 304 Double Walled Side Panels. Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge (0 – 25 mm: 2 Nos.) to monitor pressure drop across intermediate filter & HEPA filter and (0-10mm: 1No.) Across PRE Filter with respect to ambient. Electrical control panel mounted on the side panel of the unit. Fluorescent Light (250 Lux) ON/OFF Switches for motor & lights 5/15 Amp single-phase switch socket for external equipment.

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