Veterinary Products

Sri Pharmacare has state of the art manufacturing unit for developing and producing comprehensive and active drugs for veterinary treatments. Under regular production Sri Pharmacare manufactures Albendazole (IP/ USP/ BP), Fenbendazole (BP), Triclabendazole, Diminazene Diaceturate, Oxfendazole (BP), Oxyclozanide (BP), Rafoxanide, and Praziquantel (USP). Sri Pharma also undertook tailor made vet formulations like Diminazene & Phenazone Sachets (2.36 Gm & 23.6gm), Isometamedium 1.25 Mg & 1gm Achets, Albendazole 150 Mg, 300 Mg, 1500 Mg, 3000 Mg Bolus, Tetramesole Tablets, Homidium Chloride / Bromide Tablets, Oxyclozanide Tablets and Multivitamin Mineral Feed mix. Veterinary products are also exported to Middle East, Far-east & Europe.

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