Cutting Dies Waste Ejector

Stamfag is renowned worldwide for the production of customised cutting tools with blades. Cutting tools are manufactured using hardened stainless steel. Cutting tools manufactured with hardened stainless steel also find application in medical field. Individual customer requirement regarding raw material for cutting tools are also fulfilled. Stamfag has in house sharpening service for finest quality cutting tools. The company also conducts in house feasibility test for cutting tools.

The company offers additional products of ejectors or waste ejectors with cutting tools. The interface between cutting tool and customer machine is done individually. Cutting tools are manufactured using modern 3D CAD System. Stamfag cutting tools are provided with adjustable separating slitters. This allows the cutting height of the waste slitters to be adapted to the cutting tools knife's edge. Thus Stamfag cutting tools prevents possible negative influences on the accuracy and shape of the punched goods.

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