Probiotics Vigiis 101-LAB

We are one of the Probiotic manufacturers/supplier around the world. Our probiotic ingredient, Probiotics Vigiis101-LAB, contains an excellent patented functional strain Lactobacillus paracasei subsp. paracasei NTU 101, which is a legally edible probiotic species in EU, Canada, China, and Taiwan.

Through scientific studies including clinical trials and animal studies that demonstrate the effects of this strain and its fermented products on enhancing digestion, improvement in gastrointestinal microbiota, modulation of immune system and allergic reaction, etc.,  safety and functions have been verified.

Moreover, it possesses strong tolerance to gastric acid and bile salts so there is no need for microencapsulation.

As a food ingredient and/or dietary ingredient, its concentration is up to more than 100 billion CFU/g and very low water activity (< 0.1) contributes to its high stability. Thus, it is very suitable for formulation of dietary supplements and fortified foods.

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