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Energy Recovery Systems

Energy Recovery Systems

Energy Recovery Systems, Air-to-Air, Air-to-Waste Heat Recovery Boiler

Heat recovery systems from The CMM Group can be incorporated into new air pollution control systems (APCS) (or other high temperature emitting devices) or be retrofit or added to an existing process.

Heat recovery systems utilize the 100°C (212°F) to 815°C (1,500°F) of heat energy (depending on the heat emitting technology in use) that would normally be exhausted directly into the atmosphere through an industrial ventilation unit.

Air-to-Air Heat Recovery Systems


An air-to-air secondary heat exchanger can be an extremely efficient low cost solution to capturing heat from an exhaust stack. The heat exchanger can be designed for minimal pressure drop so as not to affect the operation of the upstream system while returning temperature controlled fresh-air back to the facility for a variety of uses.

This heated and filtered fresh air can be used for building comfort heat, process make-up air (ovens/dryers, kilns, curing zones, etc.), or in some cases, can completely replace the need for natural gas fired burners and/or electric heaters within the manufacturing process itself.

Air-to-Liquid (Water, Glycol or Hot-Oil Loop) Energy Recovery Systems

An air-to-liquid primary heat transfer coil can be installed within the equipment exhaust stack to capture heat from an exhaust stream and provide hot water, glycol or hot thermal oil.

Using secondary air-to-liquid or liquid-to-liquid coils with an integrated liquid pump skid (and an insulated control loop) the heated liquid can be used throughout a facility for building comfort heat, process make-up air (ovens/dryers, kilns, curing zones, etc.) or to provide supplemental heat to boilers, hot water wash systems, etc.

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