Centrifugal Blower

Tyagi Air-Wave offers light weight and compact design Centrifugal Blowers. These Centrifugal Blowers come with additional features like low-noise vibration-free operation, higher operational speeds, low motor power and low cost. High Quality rust resistant material is used in the manufacturing of these Centrifugal Blowers thereby ensuring their longevity. The design and specifications of these Centrifugal Blowers enhances the Fan rigidity and strength and allows mounting of the fan in various orientations. The Industrial Centrifugal blowers offered by Tyagi Air-Wave are high air volume applicable and are applied on air showers, kitchen hoods, HVAC system for air suction and discharging. The enhanced features and superior quality of these Centrifugal Blowers enabling exceptional performance makes Tyagi Air-Wave an Ideal choice

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