Granulation Machinery

Yogesh Pharma is also engaged in the production of granulation machinery as pharmaceutical machinery. The granulation machinery is used extensively for the production of pharmaceutical drugs. Yogesh Pharma manufactures granulation machinery of high quality that performs all the steps right from handling of raw material to the production and delivery of final product.

The granulation machinery is very reliable and dependable. One of the very renowned granulation machinery offered by Yogesh Pharma is the granulator, used for wet and dry granulation process. Its unique oscillatory rotor motion ensures high output and efficient granulation. Another granulating machinery is the multi mill which has an output of 50kg to 200 kg per hour used for granulating, pulverizing, mixing of a wide range of wet and dry substances in pharmaceutical, chemical industry. Sifter is another range of granulation machinery which is used separate solids from solids and liquids from solid. Its capacity ranges from 20kg/hr to 300kg/hr with a long screen life. RMG, FBD, Auto Coater, Double Cone Blender, Mass Mixer and Tray Drier also are a part of the comprehensive range of granulation machinery.

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