Zetasizer - Designed for protein applications

The Zetasizer APS is a robust, simple to operate, Dynamic Light Scattering system that automates measurements of samples in industry standard 96- or 384-well plates to add the power of advanced light scattering analysis to your laboratory. A minimum of user input is required to start the measurements. Improve accuracy, reliability and ease of use with the most advanced system available – The Zetasizer APS Auto Plate Sampler

VISCOTEK - More Angles, More Data, More Choice

The Viscotek SEC-MALS 20 is the most advanced multi-angle light scattering detector, for GPC / SEC, on the market. It measures the intensity of scattering at each angle simultaneously, which in conjunction with a concentration detector is used to calculate absolute molecular weight of proteins, synthetic & natural polymers, and also molecular size expressed as the radius of gyration, Rg.

VISCOSIZER - Automating Rapid Low Volume Viscosity And Size Analysis

Malvern Instruments’ Viscosizer 200 is a fully automated high throughput analytical system, designed to provide predictive analysis on complex fluids such as biopharmaceutical formulations. Using less than 10 μL of sample, it accurately measures the viscosity of bioformulations, identifying at a very early stage potential issues with aggregation and stability that may limit a candidate’s further progress in development.

Spraytec - Accurate particle sizing of aerosols and sprays

Spray particle size measurements are central to defining product performance across a range of applications, from the delivery of drugs to the human respiratory system through to the application of coatings and agrochemicals. Sprays present unique challenges in terms of the measurement environment and the speed of the event which must be characterised. The Malvern Spraytec has been specifically designed to meet these challenges, delivering routine, accurate and precise spray particle size analysis.

Parsum IPP 70-S - Advanced spatial filter velocimetry in real-time avoids the need for sampling

The Parsum IPP 70 is a compact yet highly robust in-line particle size analyzer for processes involving larger particulate sizes of up to 6000μm. The small fiber optics at the heart of the instrument deliver consistent, highly accurate measurements with low sensitivity to fluctuations at high particle loadings making it suitable for chemical, pharma or food industries where the probe can be inserted directly into new or existing gravity or pneumatic process lines or vessels.

NanoSight Range - Count, Size And Visualize Nanoparticles

The NanoSight series of instruments utilize Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) to characterize nanoparticles from 10nm - 2000 nm* in solution. Each particle is individually but simultaneously analyzed by direct observations of diffusion. This particle-by-particle methodology produces high resolution results for particle size distribution and concentration while visual validation gives users extra confi dence in the data. As well as particle size and concentration, protein aggregation and viscosity can all be analyzed while a fl uorescence mode provides detection of labeled particles

Morphologi G3-ID

Automated imaging provides high resolution direct measurement of the size, shape and other properties of particles from below one micron up to several millimeters in size. It is often used in conjunction with other particle characterization techniques, to gain a deeper understanding of the sample or to crossvalidate particle sizing methods.

MASTERSIZER - Rapid, reliable particle size measurements made easy.

Mastersizer 3000 is the latest generation of the world’s most widespread particle sizing instrument, used by many thousands of companies and research institutes across a wide range of industries. Malvern’s considerable experience and applications know-how has gone into every stage of the design of the new Mastersizer instrument, from fundamental particle sizing performance right through to user ergonomics and method advice.

KINEXUS SERIES - Redefining rheometer capabilities for characterizing dispersed systems

At Malvern, we haven’t just redesigned a rheometer – we’ve redefined the way it interacts with you. Kinexus is the next generation rotational rheometer platform that’s been developed from extensive market feedback, integrating innovative instrument design with a revolutionary software interface, to deliver a solution that will exceed your rheological expectations.

Insitec Dry - A watchful eye to help optimize your process

Malvern Insitec analyzers can measure particle size distributions from 0.1 to 1000μm, wet or dry, at-line, in-line or on-line, including mobile or static solutions for most industrial applications. Using advanced laser diffraction technology pioneered and developed by Malvern, our comprehensive range of instruments are now standard in most particulate processing industries including toners, pharmaceuticals, cement, minerals, powder coatings, pigments and metal powders.

ARCHIMEDES - Mass Measurement On A Different Scale

Archimedes harnesses the technique of resonant mass measurement to provide new insights into particles in the size range 50nm - 5μm. With simple yet powerful technology, driven by MEMS fabricated sensors, Archimedes is able to detect and count particles, and measure their mass and size.