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ATMI Announces Technology Investments With Medinstill

ATMI, Inc. , a global technology company and leader in single-use bioprocess solutions, announced today it has invested in sterile connector and sterile fill technology developed by Medical Instill Technologies (Medinstill), a company dedicated to developing solutions for the transfer and packaging of high purity fluids at unmatched safety levels. The investments focus on the INTACT™ family of products developed by Medinstill. These innovative technologies will be deployed in sterile filling, sterile multiple-dose dispensing, sterile transfer, and packaging sterilization solutions that address current critical issues in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare industries. "ATMI has a strong history of internal innovation as well as collaboration with other innovators," said Chief Executive Office of ATMI, Doug Neugold. "Collaboration with Medinstill is another great example of this strategy. Through this investment, we will develop a suite of products that address critical issues from our customers' perspective as they continue to adopt single-use technology and other new inventions. "Our customers are looking for ways to reduce cost, minimize time to market and increase manufacturing flexibility. The INTACT solutions that we are developing with Medinstill enable efficiencies that will help us help them realize their objectives." "We are happy to partner with a company of ATMI's stature," added Daniel Py, MD, Sc.D., Chairman of Medinstill. "With its global reach and history of technical innovation in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, I believe ATMI can be instrumental in allowing us to bring products with the highest safety levels to those in need. The INTACT technology provides a means to rapidly reduce drug shortages while overcoming the difficulties associated with installing and running aseptic lines in emerging markets, such as access to specially trained personnel, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional aseptic filling lines. The synergy between our INTACT Closed Transfer Systems and disposable technologies from ATMI allows us together to quickly install turn-key fill finish lines, bringing many benefits to a large number of manufacturers. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with ATMI." INTACT Filler technology allows for sterile fill of multiple products into a broad range of containers and dosing devices in conditions significantly less stringent and less expensive than clean rooms, providing an avenue for meeting demand in domestic and international locations. ATMI and Medinstill have formed a joint venture to market and manufacture this technology for the biopharmaceutical industry. The technology is scalable from small lots in benchtop systems to industrial scales that enable the global biopharmaceutical and vaccine markets. INTACT Connector technology will allow for sterile re-use of disposable connectors. ATMI has exclusively licensed this technology for the biopharmaceutical industry and will directly commercialize the connector products once development activity is completed. The INTACT connector technology will be the only multiple-use sterile connector, which guarantees no contact between the liquid path and the external environment and ensures no ingress of air, bacteria, yeasts or mold. The INTACT Sterile connector technology is a major breakthrough for situations requiring transfers of fluids under sterile conditions without a controlled environment for the pharmaceutical and bioprocessing industries. Project Name ATMI Announces Technology Investments With Medinstill Location Danbury, CT , USA Commence 2013 Completion -NA- Estimated Investment -NA- Capacity -NA- Key Players ATMI, Inc.

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