Environment, Recycle and water management

Environmental laboratory combine advanced technology and experienced researchers to deliver analytical data on biological, ecological and physical sciences, as well as a range of diverse engineering fields. An environmental laboratory includes a staff of lab technicians that are specially trained in testing for contaminants that affect the environment and human and wildlife health.

The environmental testing services performed at an environmental laboratory include analysis of water, soil, air, waste characterization, energetics and explosives, contaminants, and other environmental forensics. This type of testing requires qualified experts who are able to assist in the development of analytical protocols, environmental sampling and analysis. Lab workers in an environmental lab are charged with performing comprehensive analytical research with environmental assessment, evaluation and engineering capabilities. Labs are expected to conform to a national standard and provide a high quality of research on subjects such as drinking water, surface water, waste water, sediment, air, fish, soil and hazardous waste and pharma recycled products. Environmental labs will sometimes also do research in the technical areas of general chemistry, metals chemistry, organic chemistry, radiation chemistry and water microbiology.

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