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FlowCam 8000 Series Flow Imaging Microscope

FlowCam 8000 Series Flow Imaging Microscope

The FlowCam is used in formulation development, quality control and quality assurance in all stages of drug development and manufacturing. Hundreds of biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies worldwide are using the FlowCam to improve the quality and safety of their formulations. 

The FlowCam captures high-resolution digital images of particles suspended in a fluid. Over 40 physical parameters are measured from each image, while the data is processed using our image-recognition statistical analysis software VisualSpreadsheet. The FlowCam uses advanced thresholding technology to enable detailed protein analysis from 300 nm to 10+ µm.

Use real digital images to verify the size, shape, and identity of your particles. Differentiate between air bubbles, silicone oil droplets, protein aggregates, and contaminants, while determining which particles are inherent, intrinsic, and extrinsic. In order to fully characterize the particles in a parenteral drug formulation, Flow Imaging Microscopy (FIM) is recommended by USP as a high-throughput orthogonal alternative to non-imaging particle analysis technology like light obscuration and dynamic light scattering.

  • Analyze particles 300 nm to 10+ µm
  • Perform statistical calculations
  • Generate size distribution curves
  • Visually verify particle identity with high-resolution images
  • Measure 40+ physical parameters per particle
  • Meet USP 787/788 Guidelines
  • Perform 21 CFR Compliance


  • Camera resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, available in color and monochrome
  • Magnification: 2X, 4X, 10X, 20X
  • Compatible with the Automated Liquid Handler (ALH)
  • Minimum sample volume of 100 µL
  • Powered by VisualSpreadsheet® image analysis software
  • Autofocus capability
  • Fluorescence emission and detection: available excitation options of 488 nm, 532 nm, and 633 nm, with two-channel fluorescence detection
  • Automated self-cleaning and self-rinsing cycles

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