Pharmaceutical Outsourcing

There's a massive amount of pharma outsourcing services related to manufacturing, research or even packaging which are outsourced to independent companies. This could be both contractual as well as permanent. The analysis of such a solicitation of services in the pharmaceutical industry is termed as pharmaceutical outsourcing. It can also be centered on facilitating employment in a region or a country.

The pharmaceutical companies are gradually outsourcing research activities to private and academic contract research organizations (CROS) as a strategy to stay competitive and flexible in a world of exponentially rising knowledge, increasingly sophisticated technologies and an unstable environment. The R&D tasks that companies choose to outsource include a huge spectrum of activities from basic research to late-stage development: target validation; hit exploration and lead optimization, clinical trials involving humans, genetic engineering, safety and efficacy tests in animal models, and assay development.

Below is a list of suppliers who specialise in Pharmaceutical Outsourcing:

Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Products