Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing

Pharmaceutical marketing refers to the offline and digital strategies used to attract new patients and raise awareness around a certain drug or treatment plan. Pharmaceutical marketing can either be geared towards physicians or towards selling directly to consumers. The pharmaceutical companies are responsible for designing, discovering, and developing drugs used to treat, prevent, diagnose or cure diseases and other medical issues. However, with strong competition, increasingly complex regulations and consumer attrition, pharma companies are going all out to get their products in front of healthcare professionals and patients alike. And that's the reason why the role of pharmaceutical sales and pharmaceutical marketing in the industry has become progressively more and more critical, so much that pharma sales marketers and representatives now get huge budgets than R & D.

The pharmaceutical sales reps are the salespeople engaged by pharma, healthcare or biotech companies to sell their products to a variety of external stakeholders. These sales reps are also occupied in influencing and educating healthcare professionals and main opinion leaders on the advantages of the company's products. The pharmaceutical sales representatives educate physicians and other medication prescribing professionals on recent developments in the quickly advancing pharmaceutical industry. They connect providers with the drugs, treatment and knowledge necessary to provide cutting-edge care to their patients.

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