Ensysce Biosciences and Oncozenge Have Entered Into a Letter of Intent for the Collaborative Development of Bupizenge™ in the United States

29 November 2023

Ensysce Biosciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENSC) and OncoZenge AB (STO: ONCOZ) have recently announced the signing of a letter of intent (LOI) to explore a strategic collaboration for the accelerated commercialization of BupiZenge™ in the United States. BupiZenge™, developed by OncoZenge, is a non-opioid oral formulation of the well-established local anesthetic bupivacaine, designed to treat pain associated with oral mucositis—a debilitating condition resulting from cancer treatment.

Oral mucositis often arises from head and neck radiation or chemotherapy and can severely impact a patient's quality of life by hindering oral intake. OncoZenge has progressed BupiZenge™ through Phase 2 in the European Union and is planning for a Phase 3 program. The Phase 2 study demonstrated strong efficacy in relieving pain with good safety and tolerability in head and neck cancer patients.

The collaboration aims to combine the strengths and resources of both companies to expedite the U.S. market entry for BupiZenge™, addressing critical unmet needs in analgesia and oncology. Stian Kildal, CEO of OncoZenge, expressed excitement about aligning with Ensysce and their shared commitment to progressing BupiZenge™ toward market approval, potentially benefiting millions of patients lacking safe and effective treatment options.

Ensysce, emphasized the enthusiasm for co-developing BupiZenge™, enhancing their opioid pain product portfolio. The collaboration seeks to accelerate the therapy's development, gain regulatory approval, and launch in the United States, aiming to make a meaningful impact in pain management and oncology to improve patients' quality of life.


Source: ensysce.com